Memorial Services

Celebrating the life of a loved one by holding a Memorial Service can provide enormous comfort and peace at a time of sadness. The beautiful setting of All Saints naturally brings us closer to the thin veil of God’s loving Spirit. We welcome inquiries about memorial services for those who have been a part of our congregation by inclusion on our mailing list, who have a record of financial support of the church’s ministry, or who have a long-standing family connection to the church. We also welcome inquiries from family and friends of individuals who are residents or summer residents of Southport.

All funerals, memorials, and graveside services in The Episcopal Church are conducted in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer by an ordained Episcopal minister or priest. Services in the Episcopal church offer those who mourn the opportunity to express their grief and sorrow as well as to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving the life of their loved one.

Please email the church at and you will be contacted with further information about planning a memorial service.

Memorial Plaque Policy