The following organizations have been part of All Saints by-the-Sea outreach during the past year.

St. Columba/All Saints Joint Outreach Fund – The Community Resource Council refers individuals to the Joint Outreach Fund who have requested help with housing, transportation and other basic living expenses. Both parishes work together to minister directly to our neighbor’s most pressing needs.

Episcopal Relief and Development Fund – Ukraine Humanitarian Relief – This funding will strengthen and expand the capacity of all Episcopal congregations across Europe to respond to the refugee emergency caused by the violence in Ukraine. Refugee groups will be provided food, shelter, emergency supplies, trauma counseling and other humanitarian initiatives.

New Hope Midcoast – This organization supports abused and battered women in the Boothbay region. The pandemic increased the need for supportive services for these vulnerable members of our community.

Set for Success – The Boothbay community gathers funding for school supplies each year so that all eligible students start the school year prepared and confident.

Community Resource Council’s Emergency Fuel Fund – Traditionally, the Christmas Eve service offering is donated to the Emergency Fuel Fund to help our neighbors through the winter in Maine.

Lebanon to Lincoln – In combination with other parishes, All Saints supports the sons of an Episcopal priest in Lebanon who will be attending Lincoln Academy in Newcastle. These funds allow the two young men to obtain a high-quality education away from the unrest of their home city of Beirut.