ASBTS Safety and Health Protocols – 2023

Please call the church phone (207-633-7301) promptly if you or a member of your worship party become ill and test positive for COVID-19 or any other highly transmissible illness after attending a service or chapel event.

As of May 2023, the CDC has ceased reporting community transmission numbers. Our Health and Safety protocols assume continued low levels of community transmission of COVID-19 or other highly transmissible illnesses.

Some in our worship community will choose to wear masks, others will feel safe not wearing a mask. We honor this diversity in our congregation. KN-95 masks will be available.

Porch seating is available for those who wish more space.

Attendance sign-in is encouraged for visitors.

Normal Order of Worship is followed including singing.

Holy Communion will be celebrated using the consecrated host and the common cup. We will not administer Holy Communion via intinction (dipping the host into the common cup). Partaking of the common cup is a personal decision and receiving the consecrated host is “full communion”. Congregants may pass on drinking from the common cup by touching the base of the chalice.

The offering plate is passed by the ushers.

Windows will be opened before each service.

Coffee hour will be held after the 10:00AM service.