The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond

The Reverend Canon Charles LaFond, Canon Steward  at the Cathedral of Saint John’s in the Wilderness in Denver , Colorado, is a potter, bee-keeper, priest and author who writes about spiritual depth and philanthropy.  While he was Canon for Congregational Life in the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire LaFond developed a tool for churches of any size seeking to improve all aspects of financial development.   This became the basis for his first book, Fearless Church Fundraising.

LaFond spent a decade as a corporate non-profit development officer and a second decade as an Episcopal priest and monk.  He now lives in Denver where he raises money and membership at the Episcopal Cathedral.   His blog, the Daily Sip, is about spiritual life, food, hospitality and generosity.  Reverend LaFond is an inventor, designer, writer and lead presenter for Project Resource, an initiative of the House of Bishops and EC Development Office to train bishops and their teams of teachers in financial development and membership growth.  He is in the process of writing six books for two publishers.