Aims McGuinness

Aims McGuinness, long-time Southport summer resident and member of the All Saints by-the-Sea Governing Board. Aims has enjoyed playing the organ throughout his life while pursuing his main career as a policy analyst specializing in higher education governance. He began the study of the organ at age 14 at Kent School under the guidance of Connecticut organist, Richard M. Booth. He went on to become the sole student organist in the school chapel for his junior and senior years responsible for playing at Evening Prayer six nights a week and Sunday Holy Eucharist for a congregation of 300 boys and faculty. While serving in the US Navy, he played for Sunday services at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center and on the USS Northampton, flagship of the Second Fleet. Aims has served as substitute organist at the churches where he has worshipped including twenty years at Saint Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Littleton, Colorado, and since 2010, at Saint John’s Cathedral. Aims is currently organist at Our Merciful Savior Episcopal Church for one Sunday each month and for weekly Wednesday Holy Eucharist in Saint Martin’s Chapel at Saint John’s Cathedral. He continues to study with Kendrick Mervine, organist for the Colorado Symphony. Aims earned a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the George Washington University, and a Ph.D. from the Syracuse University Maxwell School for Citizenship and Public Affairs. He is a member of the Denver Chapter of the AGO.